28 September 2022


 Yup, the rumours are true, I'm still alive, and now I'm married!

Without boring you with too many details... we wore kilts as I'm enby and we have celtic heritage.

We walked down the aisle to Jurassic Park and walked out as husband and spouse to Star Trek.

Then we had a ceilidh knees up in a local community centre, had a night at a local french restaurant/hotel. 

Then went to southern France to bake in the sun and eat wonderful foodstuffs. We even popped over the border to Spain for a few days.


One thing that I'd really recommend is a plan for things to do after your wedding/honeymoon. As I (like many folk) had a mental health stumble, without the future wedding to plan for.

Organise for the next few weeks of things to do, both connected and separate from the wedding.


In terms of gaming, I've been mostly making a cavern garden in Minceraft. The new boss is a bit crazy hard, so I'm working up to it. 

I've hardly played Creatures at all, but I have made some vague plans and I've been catching up on websites/Discord. 

Committees and Comformity

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