11 March 2022

Discordian Age

So I got a little tired of how slow Creatures Caves has gotten to load.
I found out that it was due to a change someone had made who was too busy to update it.

Fair enough, it's a free community site, I'm frustrated, but I understand.

Here's the good part: because I wanted more interaction generally with the Creatures Community, I finally got to grips with the fabled Discord!

I was already a member of two servers for other games, and I was recently reminded of it's existence by a friend who added me to their Autism one, so it made sense, I mean it's been going for 7 years, that's a long time in tech terms!

Long story short, I've added a bunch of creatures Discord servers to go along with the CCSF one I was already a member of, and I've been enjoying interacting with the other players/developers for the game.

Blogger was intended to my way of getting in touch with the CC, but Discord seems to be where everyone has been lurking :)

I'm happy to get to know people better, since the 25th anniversary of the original game, I've sworn to myself to get more involved socially, rather than await emails or CCaves messages :)

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