15 May 2023


 I was recently reading more about the concept of Neurodiversity and Queer Theory, and where they intersect as Neuroqueer.

It's a fascinating concept that being non-cis and/or non-straight must necessarily affect one's neurology as your experience is different.

Similarly those who are Neurodivergent in one way or more ways from the (possibly theoretical) Neurotypical, seem to have divergent understanding of their own sex, gender and/or sexuality.

Thus is born Neuroqueer, a multidimensional space of different ways to diverge fron the average.

A further thought occurs: is the Neurotypical/Heteronormal a specifically identifiable locus? or is it simply a theoretical floating-point origin that we might measure ourselves to?

Or is this backwards? Perhaps the furthest frontiers of diversity are the 'normal' that no-one actually self-identifies with, and everyone has already sublimated.

Anyhow. Enough naval-gazing!

Next to the allotment with my husbear! The sun is abroad and my allitlement needs attention, as do those tame dinosaurs we call 'chickens'.

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